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spiff is an adaptive transient processor. It has been designed to cut or boost transients with extreme detail. spiff analyses the incoming signal and applies the processing only on the parts of the signal that contain the transient information. This keeps the rest of the signal intact and free from side effects.

By reacting only where and when needed, spiff is capable of attenuating or even removing transient information from a sound. Effective on mouth noises, hard consonants, clicks and pops, it can also be used for example to soften the pick attack from a guitar recording while retaining the top end sheen. Engaging the boost mode turns spiff into a powerful transient enhancer. This allows you to bring elements to the front of a mix without increasing the RMS level, or to boost fundamentals from drums without additional boominess.

A lot of attention was put into making the algorithm accurate, versatile, and yet feel intuitive. spiff operates perfectly with minimal adjusting, and can be left on a track without the need for constant readjustments to compensate for changes in the audio material. At the same time, the clearly laid out parameters and the modern, OpenGL accelerated user interface let you dig into the processing if the material requires it.

Presenting a new way of controlling transients, spiff opens up an infinite number of possibilities for sound manipulation. Even on more extreme settings, spiff retains the original character of the sound, without introducing any nasty artefacts.

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Available as:

Windows 7 and up as 32 / 64 bit VST and 64 bit AAX.
Mac OSX 10.7 – 10.14 as 32 / 64 bit VST and AU, and 64 bit AAX, Intel processor

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